Constituency Statement - RFDS & TOOA Truck Run

One of the great pleasures of my electorate is the sheer number of events. On Sunday was the Rural Flying Doctor Service and the Truck Owners and Operators Association truck run, which unfortunately I could not get to because I was on the plane coming here, where truck drivers and truck owners across Tasmania raised funds for the RFDS in its 60th year. Many trucks converged on Longford in my electorate and more than 70 trucks from across the state took part, between them raising $25,000. I was happy to make a small donation. I was sorry I was not able to get to this great event. Some terrific people went along. Glenda and Mick Emerton from Sorrell, which is near me, had heard about the truck run on Facebook and were delighted to be able to attend this wonderful event.

To all who participated in the truck run, congratulations. It's a fantastic event to get behind. I'm looking forward to hopefully being there next year with parliamentary sittings notwithstanding and—touch wood—an election out of the way. I look forward to hopefully getting along next year as the member for Lyons in 2022. On that note, in my electorate, with Bream Creek Farmers Market, Longford Market, Evandale market, New Norfolk Market, there are so many things to get around to. If anyone wants to take note of half-price flights, come to Tassie and have a great time