Statements by Members - Lyons Electorate: Bicentenary Celebrations

This year is of special significance to many towns in my electorate. Perth in Tasmania might be a little smaller than WA's, but our terrific town, along with several others throughout the northern Midlands, is celebrating its bicentenary in 2021. Last weekend, Perth kicked things off with a big party at Adams Distillery, which only recently reopened after a devastating fire earlier in the year. I unfortunately couldn't make it—I was here—but it was wonderful to see friends and family join in marking the occasion. On the Monday just gone, Campbell Town marked its bicentenary with a birthday party and commemorative postmark. Now it's the town of Ross, famous for French vanilla slices and scallop pies, that's ramping up celebrations. There'll be a few drinks, a formal ceremony and a public lecture about the historic Ross Bridge, and they'll even unveil the bicentenary quilt they've been working on. Two years of work have gone into that quilt. How's that for dedication, Mr Deputy Speaker?

These towns are built tough, and tough people call them home, and that's just the way it is in Tasmania. But these people have hearts of gold. All the towns and regions in our Lyons community have something special to offer, and a bicentenary year really is something. I ask that you all join with me to mark those bicentennial celebrations and pop down to our little slice of paradise on our beautiful island.