St Marys Commonwealth Bank branch closure

The imminent closure of the Commonwealth Bank branch at St Marys is another slap in the face for Tasmania’s regional communities, says Federal Member for Lyons Brian Mitchell.

The CBA, which posted a $7.3 billion net profit last financial year, announced today it would close the branch on Friday 6 August 2021.

“This is devastating news for Commonwealth Bank customers in St Marys and shows complete disregard for their years of loyalty to what used to be known as the ‘people’s bank’,” Mr Mitchell said.

“CommBank clearly doesn’t need the money – it is rolling in profit. This decision is simply unfair and out of touch.”

Mr Mitchell said decisions like this were being made in capital cities by executives who either assumed their regional customers could go online, or simply didn’t care enough about their customers to ask.

“This decision has come out of the blue. Zero consultation and zero respect for the people of St Marys,” the MP said.

“It is not good enough for CommBank to handball its services off to Australia Post – not all banking services are offered there – and the nearest branch is St Helens, which is more than 35km away through a winding and narrow mountain pass.”

Mr Mitchell said he engage with the St Marys community about the closure to discuss appropriate action.

The branch closure is the latest in a string of closures across regional Tasmania in recent years, taking jobs and services out of regional communities.

“We need to rebuild our regions, not strip them of important services,” Mr Mitchell said. “Decisions like this are taking regional communities in the wrong direction.”