Budget Roads Spend A Massive Con Job

Federal Member for Lyons Brian Mitchell says the Tasmanian roads package in the federal budget has been exposed as a “massive con job” on Tasmanians.


In pre-Budget leaks, the Government told Tasmanians it would be spending $322 million on Tasmanian roads.


“The detail in the Budget papers now reveals that just $4 million of the $322 million package will be spent in the 2021-22 financial year,” Mr Mitchell said.


“In the following year it’s $17m and the year after that $20m. These are paltry infrastructure numbers.”


“The reality of this pathetic roads package falls far short of the pre-Budget spin,” Mr Mitchell said. “It is a massive con job on the Tasmanian public.


“Just $96m of the $322m is budgeted to be spent over the next four years.


“The vast majority of it is on the never-never out in the eight-year projections.”


Mr Mitchell said Tasmanians would be expected to shoulder their share of repaying the Liberals’ eye-watering $1 trillion debt but were not receiving their fair share of the spending.


“Where has the money from this massive debt budget gone? Where is the benefit to Tasmania?


“Support for tourism has been cut, support for universities has been cut and next to nothing is being invested in infrastructure and roads. There’s nothing in this Budget for Tasmania but a $1 trillion hangover.”