PM's road promise reheats old promise

Federal Member for Lyons Brian Mitchell says the Prime Minister’s funding announcement for Tasmanian roads has been “reheated more times than a dodgy takeaway”.

The federal government last night trumpeted a “$37.8 million upgrade” to sections of the Midland Highway, including areas around Ross, Oatlands and Campbell Town.

But the money is simply a re-heating of earlier promises and funding.

“The Prime Minister’s announcement is completely devoid of substance,” Mr Mitchell said.

“This isn’t new funding - it’s an existing promise that has been repackaged to try and hoodwink Tasmanian voters.

“Under Liberal governments the Midland Highway project still isn’t finished and completed sections are sub-standard. Some have had to be replaced.

“If the Prime Minister was serious about Tasmanian roads he’d be offering support for Tasman Highway on the east coast and to fix Arthur Highway, like Labor did at the last election.”

Mr Mitchell’s Labor colleague Senator Carol Brown earlier revealed the Morrison Government averages an infrastructure underspend of $1.2b a year.

“In the last financial year, they underspent their promises by $1.7b,” Senator Brown said.

“There is no reason to think announcements made today will be any different to the countless others that have fallen by the wayside.

“What Tasmanians need is real infrastructure delivery that boosts productivity, reduces congestion and improves safety across our road network.

“That isn’t what we’re getting from the Morrison Government, but it would be delivered by Labor,” Senator Brown said.