Brighton Care Collective a vital service to Lyons

Federal Member for Lyons Brian Mitchell MP recently met with Sonya Williams of Brighton Care Collective for a lesson in how to use the BCC card.


The Brighton Care Collective brings together a variety of local services aimed at keeping people healthy, including include GP surgeries and their staff, pharmacies, social workers, community nurses, housing services, physiotherapists, and child health services.


“The BCC is an absolutely vital service for many of my constituents,” Mr Mitchell said.


“Having these organisations work together means that people are able to get access to the services they need quickly.” 


Mr Mitchell congratulated all the organisations involved in the Brighton Care Collective. 


“It is obvious that access to health services in the Brighton municipality has improved through BCC members sharing information about the issues people are seeking assistance with,” he said. 


A Brighton Care Collective card gives services users a code that they can use online to connect directly with the health services they have been referred to.