Lyons left off the vaccination map

Just 5 GP clinics across the sprawling electorate of Lyons have been chosen to deliver the AstraZeneca Vaccine from 22 March 2021, compared to 10 and 11 in the Liberal-held electorates of Bass and Braddon.


Federal Lyons MP Brian Mitchell says the small number of clinics chosen in his electorate will see vast regions uncovered, requiring patients to travel long distances.


“My electorate has 12 municipalities in it and six have been left off the vaccination map completely,” Mr Mitchell said. (One municipality, Clarence, has a split border and its clinics are in Franklin).


“People living in the municipalities of the Derwent Valley, Southern Midlands, Glamorgan Spring Bay, Tasman, the Central Highlands and Kentish will be expected to travel long distances to be vaccinated, and that’s only if they can get a spot on the books.”


Mr Mitchell said many older people lived on the Tasman Peninsula and the East Coast. Their nearest clinics in Sorell and St Helens were at least an hour to 90 minutes away, with the chosen clinics already full to bursting with patients.


“I am writing to the Minister today to demand to know why a geographically large electorate like Lyons only warrants five clinics while a relatively small electorate like Bass, where most people live in Launceston, warrants 10.


“Labor supports vaccinations but the federal government’s management of the rollout has been incompetent and this rollout map shows it is failing to deliver.”