Condemnation of Bob Brown Foundation protest at McKay's Timber in Brighton

Federal Labor MP Brian Mitchell has condemned the action taken by the Bob Brown Foundation against a family sawmill in the south of his electorate.


“McKay’s Timber is a law-abiding company that sources legally cut timber, but that’s not good enough for the arrogant and radical Bob Brown Foundation,” Mr Mitchell said.


“These people think that just because they are passionate about their cause, that they have the right to break the law and put the livelihoods of Tasmanians at risk. Well, they don’t have that right.


“All the timber coming into McKay’s has been approved by the environmental movement but once again we see radical elements breaking away and making alarmist claims.


“The Bob Brown Foundation and the Liberal Party are two sides of the same coin. They are both desperate to keep the forest wars alive because it is red meat to their political followers.


“Labor stands with forestry and sawmill workers and the vast majority of Tasmanians who are sick of the unnecessary conflict.


“Tasmanian forestry provides livelihoods for thousands of people along the supply chain, and makes use of a natural and recyclable fibre product.”