$1.2 Billion Dollar Settlement means Robodebt Royal Commission Needed More Than Ever

Today’s $1.2 billion settlement by the Morrison Government of a Robodebt class action lawsuit means a Royal Commission into the discredited scheme is needed now more than ever, says federal Labor MP Brian Mitchell.

“Robodebt is a stain on the national character. It has come to symbolise this nasty, bullying government, which believes it can do anything and get away with everything.

“But no Government should be able to get away with paying $1.2 billion in legal compensation and just sweep it under the rug as if it never happened.

“Some very big questions need answering and only a Royal Commission will have the powers to get to the bottom of this murky affair.

“We already know Australians have been driven to suicide. We already know people have had money literally stolen from them by their government.

“Yet, to date, no-one in the Morrison Government has taken responsibility. All the ministers involved in this scheme – Scott Morrison, Alan Tudge and Stuart Roberts - have kept their jobs and, in the case of Scott Morrison, he’s become the prime minister.

“Four years ago shortly after being elected to parliament I labelled Robodebt a criminal enterprise and I have been proven right. Today I am happy for the hundreds of thousands of Robodebt victims, but it should never have come to this.

“Now it is time for the Morrison Government to take responsibility and launch the Robodebt Royal Commission so we can get to the bottom of this stinking mess, learn from it and ensure it never happens again.”


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