Budget to Ease Cost of Living Pressures

In the Federal Budget delivered on May 9 our focus was on easing the pressure on household budgets while ensuring we don't contribute to inflationary pressures.

It's a delicate balancing act but doing nothing was never an option when people are having difficulty making ends meet.

Since last year's election we've ended the former Liberal Government's policy of deliberately keeping wages low, by supporting minimum wage increases. Last week we announced significant pay rises for aged care workers, and I admit I cheered loudly when the Treasurer said it.

On January 1 we made PBS medicines cheaper by up to $12.60 per prescription and last week we announced measures to make healthcare even more affordable by doubling the amount of medicine you can get on a prescription before having to see the doctor again, and we increased eligible bulk-billing incentives for GPs.

That's a big difference from the healthcare system Peter Dutton and the Liberals want for Australia. When he was health minister he wanted every Australian to pay a GP fee AND he wanted people to pay to access hospital emergency departments.

In July 1 childcare will become cheaper for thousands of families across Lyons. That's good for families and good for the economy too, lifting worker participation. 
In September, around 143,000 Tasmanian households will be eligible for $500 rebates on their power bills.

We're making access to home ownership more affordable with home equity plans that help people buy their first home sooner, and we want to increase housing supply (if the Liberals and Greens stop blocking it in the Senate).

We're increasing payments for people receiving Centrelink.

And, we’re offering 300,000 fee-free TAFE places to give our kids a terrific start at gaining the skills they need for the workforce.

We haven't offered a grab-bag of handouts. Our measures are targeted, responsible and help build a stronger and more resilient economy while also providing relief where it's needed most.
After a wasted decade of Liberal neglect, we're scraping off the rust and priming the economy for long-term, sustainable growth that doesn't leave working families behind.

We're working every day to deliver the Better Future you voted for.