Morrison Fails on Regional Services in Lyons

Scott Morrison cannot be trusted to safeguard regional services in Lyons.

We know this because just two days out from a federal election, the Morrison Government has failed to deliver the findings of its Regional Banking Taskforce.

Despite being established back in October 2021, Scott Morrison’s Regional Banking Taskforce, which is comprised entirely of his Liberal and National MPs and Senators, has failed to make any practical recommendations.

Put bluntly, it has done nothing but put out two media releases and a pamphlet in seven months.

They have no plan to rebuild our regions – and that’s just not good enough.

We know a total of 115 ATMs and 13 branches in Tasmania have been stripped by the Big Four banks – and that’s not including branches with cuts to service hours.

Where are the recommendations? Where is the draft legislation to improve regional banking?

Once again, Scott Morrison has announced something but delivered nothing.

The Liberals’ only contribution to regional banking services has been putting their election posters on vacant branch buildings.

It’s the same story when it comes to government services in our regions.

We know the Morrison Government has slashed Centrelink staff and service hours across Kingston, Huonville and Sorell.

Only Labor is committed to protecting and restoring regional services, starting with our $2 million pledge to reopen and fully staff the Sorell Centrelink, if elected.

The impact of COVID-19 has shown the importance of regional services to all Tasmanians and Labor is committed to ending the Liberals’ record of reduced services in Tasmania.