Scott Morrison's dud deal turns three

Today marks the third anniversary of Scott Morrison’s failed Hobart City Deal with traffic congestion growing and our city’s housing crisis spiralling out of control.

Scott Morrison flew into Hobart for less than 90 minutes to sign the deal and his commitment to our city has only gone backwards since then.

Greater Hobart residents have been left to sit in traffic and face huge costs to find a place to live contributing to the growing cost of living.

Projects committed under the deal are stuck in limbo and victim to Scott Morrison’s inability to deliver on his promises.

Last week we learned in Senate Estimates there is still no final design for the Bridgewater Bridge and construction won’t begin before the Federal Election.

There is still not one project that has been identified for funding from a $25 million congestion fund with the only result so far an expensive report from consultants

Scott Morrison’s grand promises for Antarctic projects in Hobart have not been fulfilled with Macquarie Point still sitting empty and disused.

The Southern Outlet is a congested mess with motorists south of Hobart facing daily delays and choked roads.

It is time for the Morrison Government to start delivering on its promises or Hobart’s traffic congestion and housing crisis will only get worse.

Unlike the Morrison Government, Labor will work closely with local and state governments to ensure a genuine partnership is formed to improve Hobart for residents of the city.

Labor’s $10 billion Housing Australia Future Fund will build more social and affordable housing across Hobart.

This will mean there is finally a Federal Government in Canberra who takes our city’s housing crisis seriously.

Labor has a proud history in Government of delivering funding and the infrastructure that Hobart needs, not just empty promises:

  • The Kingston Bypass
  • The Brighton Bypass
  • Making Blundstone Arena an Ashes-worthy sporting complex
  • Extensive upgrades to the Brooker Highway
  • The Menzies Institute for Medical Research
  • IMAS facilities on the Hobart waterfront
  • The Brooke Street Pier
  • The Hedberg performing arts precinct
  • University accommodation throughout Hobart
  • Investments in super-fast broadband.

Only an Albanese Labor Government can be trusted to deliver for Hobart residents.