Liberals are failing the Trades Test


The number of people completing trades qualifications in Lyons has halved under the Liberals.

Under the former federal Labor government, 3138 Lyons residents completed trades qualifications, compared to just 1723 over the same period under the federal Liberal government.

That represents a 44.09 per cent drop under the Liberals, and helps explain why Tasmanians are struggling to find qualified tradespeople.

“Tasmania is suffering a chronic skills crisis today because the Liberals have mismanaged the trades sector,” said federal Lyons Labor MP Brian Mitchell.

“This failed Liberal government is more focused on fighting itself than doing its job for young apprentices and trainees.

“Australia has fewer apprentices and trainees today than it had when Labor left office nine years ago. It’s a complete farce.”

Mr Mitchell said a federal Labor government led by Anthony Albanese would “repair the damage caused by nine years of Liberal incompetence”.

“Labor will provide 465,000 free TAFE places in areas of chronic skill shortage, including 45,000 new TAFE places;

“Labor will invest $100 million in New Energy Apprenticeships to encourage 10,000 apprentices to train in new energy jobs; and,

“Labor will require that 1 in 10 jobs on major federally funded infrastructure projects are given to apprentices, trainees or cadets.

“Only an Albanese Labor government will get on with the job of providing a better future that’s Made in Australia,” Mr Mitchell said.