Regional Tasmania to receive fibre boost under Labor's NBN policy

Labor’s positive policy to expand fibre access to 1.5 million premises across Australia will be hugely beneficial to outer-suburban and regional Tasmanians, says Federal Labor Member for Lyons Brian Mitchell MP.

Under Labor’s billion plan, nearly 7 in 8 premises currently in the Fibre to the Node (FTTN) footprint nationally will have access to full-fibre by 2025.

This will run fibre into the street and give Tasmanians who rely on copper wire connections the choice of having fibre connected into their home, if they want faster speeds than their NBN copper can deliver.

Across the electorate of Lyons, there are over 15,000 homes and businesses currently stranded on the copper NBN, that stand to benefit from Labor’s policy to increase access to full-fibre.

Mr Mitchell serves on the parliamentary joint standing committee on the NBN and said areas neglected by the Liberal government’s botched rollout such as Brighton, Bridgewater, Old Beach and New Norfolk have potential to benefit from Labor’s proposal.

“Labor is looking forward with this plan. It’s a plan about building a better future with a better NBN,” Mr Mitchell said.

“Growing areas such as Brighton, Bridgewater and Old Beach who’ve been neglected for eight long years should have access to quality, high speed internet for personal and professional purposes.

“Labor’s plan will help Tasmanian families who need reliable, fast connections for school and work, small businesses and entrepreneurs who need it to stay competitive, and regional communities as a whole.

Mr Mitchell said Tasmanians can and should expect to have access to world-leading internet speeds, regardless of their post code.

“Reliable, high speed NBN to our doorstep will help Tasmanians seize on the economic opportunities before us,” Mr Mitchell said.

“Fibre technology is not only faster, but it is more reliable and resilient too.”

Labor’s $2.4 billion investment will create 12,000 jobs nationally in construction, engineering and project management, including in Tasmania.