Morrison government must stand up for Tassie hospitals as borders open

The Morrison Government must step up and support Tasmania’s hospital system as the State Government plans to open our borders.

The State and Federal Liberal Governments have had more than 18 months to prepare our public hospitals for COVID-19.

Tasmania’s doctors and nurses are telling us loud and clear that opening our borders will put huge pressure on our already stretched hospitals.

It’s outrageous that Scott Morrison has simply knocked back requests for more assistance to go to our state’s hospitals.

This is true to form for Morrison – he failed on the vaccine rollout, he failed to provide fit-for-purpose quarantine and yet all he does is blame others.

Tasmania and the Commonwealth share responsibility for keeping our hospitals safe and strong.

It goes without saying that business as usual just isn’t going to cut it in a once-in-a-century pandemic.

The army had to step in when a COVID-19 outbreak in North West Tasmania forced the closure of hospitals.

Our hardworking nurses and doctors can’t afford for Scott Morrison to pretend this is all someone else’s responsibility - just like he’s done right through this pandemic.

So, instead of constantly trying to pick a fight, Scott Morrison should focus on working co-operatively with our state to keep our hospitals safe and strong.