Tasmanian aviation workers being abandoned by Barnaby Joyce

  • Flight attendants abandoned by Morrison-Joyce Government
  • Barnaby Joyce response woeful
  • A direct threat to Tasmania’s tourism recovery when borders open

28 trained flight crew based in Hobart and many hundreds more across the country have been left out in the cold during border closure with no financial support. They are not eligible for either of the two support programs the federal government has implemented to assist the aviation industry wholly and solely because of the stupidity of the government.

The workers’ union and their third-party employer both urgently wrote to the Minister, Barnaby Joyce, united in seeking help for the workers but they have been completely rejected. After a month his office finally replied with a letter that waffles on about existing assistance and commitments. The reply offers nothing to help these essential workers and offers nothing to change the Morrison Government’s unfair eligibility criteria. 

The response is nothing short of woeful and completely inadequate.

Barnaby Joyce could not even be bothered to sign the letter of reply himself.

Barnaby Joyce has decided, just because they are employed by a labour hire company and are not directly employed by an airline, workers do not deserve support, regardless that they wear the same uniform and perform the same duties.

How are they meant to pay their mortgage, pay rent, put food on the table?

Barnaby Joyce, Deputy Prime Minister and Federal Transport Minister, does not seem to care.

If these workers leave the industry to find alternative jobs it could be a disaster for economic recovery. If the workforce walks away it risks grounded aircraft and lack of flight availability at the exact time it is vital for tourism and regional economic recovery when borders reopen, especially for Tasmania.

Tasmanian businesses are at risk of ongoing hardship instead of recovery. Casual professional cabin crew are abandoned.

There are also 100 ground crew at Hobart and Launceston airports who have been cut loose without support by the Morrison-Joyce government in their time of need.

How can Scott Morrison and Barnaby Joyce talk about recovery when they completely abandon these workers who are vital to that recovery?

The Tasmanian Federal Liberals have failed and Peter Gutwein needs to pick up the phone to Barnaby Joyce to support these workers and to protect our vital tourism industry.