40 days of aviation neglect later

It has now been 40 days since the federal government released its aviation support package, and Tasmanian aviation workers continue to receive no income support from the Morrison Government.

Federal Labor MP for Lyons Brian Mitchell says Prime Minister Scott Morrison must now step in and direct his transport minister Barnaby Joyce to extend support to all aviation workers stood down due to widespread flight cancellations.

“It is clear that Barnaby Joyce isn’t up to the job — Scott Morrison must show some leadership and step in to support the more than 100 Tasmanian aviation workers who have been left high and dry,” Mr Mitchell said.

The Labor MP said the Prime Minister could draw inspiration for action from his own words.

“When launching JobKeeper, Mr Morrison made much of the need to treat all workers experiencing hardship in the same way,” Mr Mitchell said.

Last year, Mr Morrison said: “There is not more support for some than there is for others. That is not the Australian way. If one person falls on a hard time, if anyone falls on a hard time, it is the same hard time. We are all in this together. That is what is fair. That is what is Australian.”

Mr Mitchell asked: “How can we be “all in this together” when some aviation workers receive income support but Tasmanian aviation workers don’t get a cent? If it was “not the Australian way” then, why is it now?”

“With Launceston Airport delivering flights to Adelaide and set to connect to Perth, Scott Morrison needs to do more than deliver a line. He needs to deliver a solution.”