Tasmania's economy falls 7.4%

The Tasmanian and national economies have dropped by 7.4 per cent, dismal economic figures released today reveal.

ABS figures for the June quarter show that Australia is now in its first recession in 30 years.

“The Tasmanian economy is mirroring the national fall of 7.4 per cent,” said federal Labor MP for Lyons Brian Mitchell.

“Tasmania is the third worst performing state in the country. This is a devastating result for the tens of thousands of Tasmanians who’ve lost their jobs under the federal and state Liberal governments.”

Mr Mitchell said the Liberals would try to pin the blame for their woeful economic management on the covid-19 pandemic.

“The fact is the Liberals have been in power seven years and the economy was slowing down before anyone had heard of coronavirus. The virus has simply made a bad situation even worse.”

Mr Mitchell said the Liberals had mismanaged the economic response to the coronavirus.

“One million Australians have been left behind, early childhood educators have been cut off JobKeeper, too many workers are missing out on assistance, pensions have been frozen and retirement savings sucked dry.

“The Liberals make announcements but they don’t follow through. Australians want a plan from the Government, not more slogans.”