Robodebt Royal Commission needed to uncover the truth

Federal Member for Lyons Brian Mitchell is backing Labor’s call for a Royal Commission into the illegal Robodebt scheme.


The Labor MP says millions of Australians were caught up in the scheme, which was deliberately orchestrated by the federal Coalition Government.


“Scott Morrison invented this scheme as a Minister, he expanded it as Treasurer, and now he’s trying to cover it up as Prime Minister,” Mr Mitchell said.


“This is an illegal scheme that literally stole money from Australians. People have taken their own lives, and people have gone to jail, over debts they never owed.


“We have learned recently that Government Ministers were warned this was an illegal scheme but they kept taking money anyway.


"A Royal Commission is needed to get to the bottom of this disaster, which has ruined so many lives. Scott Morrison and his Ministers must not be allowed to evade scrutiny and accountability."