Liberals using COVID as an excuse to cut Australia Post

The Morrison Government is attempting to cut Australia Post services using the excuse of COVID-19.

If the Government gets its way, delivery frequencies will halve and the jobs of posties and support staff will be at risk.

“Scott Morrison says these cuts will be temporary but once they are made, they will be here to stay,” said Brian Mitchell, the federal Labor MP for Lyons.

“For a week now Labor has been trying to debate these cuts in the parliament but the Liberals keep using their numbers to gag debate from even starting.

“If these cuts are temporary, why won’t the Government be up front with Australians, instead of trying to get these cuts in through the back door, without any consultation or scrutiny.”

Mr Mitchell said regional Tasmanians would be especially hard hit.

“We all know that it already takes longer to get the mail delivered than it used to. I’ve had people tell me it can take four days to get a letter from Hobart to Launceston, and now that could become 7 days.

“The last thing we should be doing is accepting cuts that put jobs at risk and make service even worse.

“The parcels boom should be an opportunity to preserve and grow jobs, not cut them.

“Labor has successfully established a Senate inquiry on this matter to ensure there is a pathway for consultation and scrutiny.

“We will continue to fight for jobs and the services that the community deserve.”