PM's review of Teddy Sheean VC tribunal recommendation is 'bullshit' says Brian Mitchell MP

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s announcement of an “expert panel” to review the recommendation of the Defence Honours and Awards Appeals Tribunal that Teddy Sheean be posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross has been described as “bullshit” by federal Labor MP Brian Mitchell.

“This is a bullshit review,” Mr Mitchell said. “Scott Morrison hasn’t got the recommendation he wants so he’s setting up a dodgy new process to get the result he wants.

“The Defence Honours and Awards Appeals Tribunal is already an expert panel,” Mr Mitchell said. “Mr Morrison is ordering an appeal of the appeal! It is bullshit, absolute bullshit. I have zero confidence in this bullshit process the Prime Minister is setting up.

“Mr Morrison has already made it clear he believes the tribunal should not have recommended Teddy for the VC, and now he’s setting up his own panel to give him political cover.

“The Defence Honours and Awards Appeals Tribunal did all the right things. It took evidence, it listened to people, it weighed all the evidence and last year it found, unanimously, that Teddy Sheean’s bravery and gallantry in the last moments of his young life meet the high standards required for the awarding of the Victoria Cross.

“The finding is beyond doubt – Teddy Sheean is deserving of the Victoria Cross, and Mr Morrison should not be disrespecting a long established process, which everyone else has abided by, simply to get his own way.

“Scott Morrison should put aside his ego and just do the right thing and progress Teddy Sheean’s nomination for the Victoria Cross.”