Tasmanians falling through the cracks

Alan Tudge and Malcolm Turnbull are failing Tasmanians trying to access to support from Centrelink around payments.


“This week my office has been contacted by Linda, a constituent in need of emergency financial assistance and in a very tricky situation.


“She’s reaching out for help and all she’s getting is the engaged signal from Centrelink. This is on their 13 28 50 Emergency Assistance line – only open 8 to 5 Monday to Friday.


“This is just not good enough. Where are the staff? Why aren’t they assisting vulnerable people in our community?”


“This is not an isolated case. My office has received many calls recently about their frustration at getting the engaged signal when trying to contact Centrelink phone lines around payments and updating information.


“We’ve got students who applied and started school and university early this year who have still not had their payments processed.


“The whole Centrelink system is in crisis – and the people paying are the people who can’t afford it.”


We can provide Linda’s contact details on request.