Phantom Bridgewater bridge promises

Comments by state infrastructure minister Rene Hidding about Bridgewater Bridge raise more questions than answers.


Mr Hidding told Tasmanian Estimates he had included the bridge in the state budget, despite having no dollars attached, because it was "highly likely there will be [federal] funding".


Yet there was no mention nor funding of the bridge in the federal budget announced May 9.


"This is a phantom bridge with phantom funding. Mr Hidding says it's going to be built - one day - but neither he nor his federal Liberal colleagues have put one dollar of funding towards it.


"It is now incumbent on the federal Liberal government to state clearly and unequivocally when it intends to fund this bridge, and if that is before 2019 why that funding was not included in the budget handed down just 4 weeks ago.


"If the federal Liberal government has no intention of funding the bridge - as its budget indicates - it needs to make this very clear to Rene Hidding so he can stop making promises he has no intention of keeping."