A time to reflect on the 2016 Tasmanian floods

Tomorrow Tuesday 6 June 2017 marks 12 months since devastating floods took the lives of 3 Tasmanians and caused widespread destruction across our state.


Such was the devastation that campaigning for the federal election was voluntarily suspended  across Tasmania in order to focus every effort on rebuilding.


Today we pause to remember the impact, the resilience of the Tasmanian community and the hard and brave work undertaken by emergency services personnel and volunteers, some of whom battled to help others while their own properties were inundated by flood waters.


Government, industry and community came together over the past year to repair and rebuild. For many, the rebuilding will take years.


Twelve months on is also an appropriate time to reflect on what can be done better.


The release today of the Independent Review into Tasmanian Floods 2016 provides some insights and recommendations on how to move forward.




“Today my thoughts are with the families who lost loved ones a year ago, and with those who’ve spent the past 12 months repairing their properties, restocking, and rebuilding their lives,” said federal Lyons MP Brian Mitchell.


“Floods and fire are a fact of life, but how we prepare for them, and respond to them, is in our own hands.


“It is up to those of us entrusted with Government to ensure we learn, and implement the measures that are necessary to lessen future risks.”