Tudge's continued torment

“What we have here is a total failure from the Minister managing Centrelink. At our public forum in Glenorchy with Shadow Minister for Human Services, Linda Burney, (do we pop Julie etc in here?) we heard from people this robo-debt system let down through lack of process and procedure.


“We also heard from ACOSS who has escalated their complaints and concerns up to the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull after months of no response from Minister Tudge.

“Why is the Minister shying away from meeting key stakeholders around this process and what can be done to repair the damage caused?


“Centrelink staff are under immense pressure from their Management, who are asking them not to help, or correct, errors in the system, and from shear lack of numbers on the ground to handle the volume of calls resulting from these debt letters.


Community services are reporting a jump in requests for emergency relief, and counselling services to help people cope with anxiety and depression. When will the Minister put a stop to this and restore natural justice and fair play to Centrelink practices?


Labor will be calling for a Senate Inquiry next week in Parliament.