Federal Government must reinstate income support for Tasmanians

Australians fear financial insecurity more than they fear COVID-19, new major national surveys confirm.

Federal Labor MP Brian Mitchell says this illustrates exactly why the federal government must urgently reinstate income support for affected Tasmanian workers.

“Scott Morrison has got to stop talking about caves and start delivering results,” Mr Mitchell said.

“When governments mandate lockdowns and border closures they directly impact the ability of workers to earn an income.

“No worker wants to lose hours or their job – but when they do, they need support.

“There’s already $300 million budgeted for COVID-19 support, so the Prime Minister has a responsibility to step up and provide federal income support for Tasmanian workers impacted by pandemic control measures.

Mr Mitchell said the Morrison government should extend programs such as JobSaver –currently available to NSW residents – and aviation support to Tasmanian workers affected by mainland lockdowns.

“Tourism, aviation and hospitality are just some of the key Tasmanian industries that are hurting right now,” Mr Mitchell said.

“More than 100 Tasmanian aviation workers have been stood down because of public health orders on the mainland, but none are eligible for income support.

“Tasmanians have worked hard to keep COVID-19 out of our state but we are not immune to the pandemic’s impacts.

“If the Prime Minister for Sydney is willing to support those in his own backyard, he must not deny that support to other Australians.”