Support Tassie salmon and Regional jobs!

The campaign to defend Tasmania’s world-class salmon farming industry was launched today in Hobart.

The industry supports thousands of Tasmanian families, is environmentally sustainable and vital for Tasmania’s regional economy.

Federal Labor MP for Lyons Brian Mitchell said he was pleased to see bipartisan support for the industry from both Labor and the Liberals, at state and federal level.

Federal Labor leader Bill Shorten prepared a video for the rally while Tasmanian premier Will Hodgman and state Labor leader Bryan Green, as well as various state MPs and federal senators, attended the rally, organised by the Australian Workers Union.

Politicians did not speak at the rally – it was left to workers who depend on the industry to state why it was so important to them.

“People who work on Tasmania’s salmon farms are proud of their industry,” Mr Mitchell said. “I urge all Tasmanians to sign the petition supporting salmon farming.

“Unlike the industry’s armchair critics I’ve taken time to see this industry up close, talk to the workers out on the water and find out what’s going on. I’m very confident that salmon farming in Tasmania is operating to world-class standards and it’s an industry that deserves our support.

“Salmon farming provides permanent, secure and well-paid work for thousands of workers in regional communities. That means workers can buy houses, keep their kids in school, make plans for life in our regional towns.”

Mr Mitchell said it was in everyone’s interest to ensure the industry operated to high environmental standards, and he’s confident that is occurring.

You can find Bill Shorten’s video on the Support Tassie Salmon Facebook page