Call for Federal ICAC inquiry welcomed

Brian Mitchell, the federal Labor MP for Lyons, has welcomed Bill Shorten’s announcement today that Labor will investigate the establishment of a federal ICAC.


“My colleagues know that I support a federal ICAC so I am really pleased to see Bill taking such an encouraging and important leadership position,” Mr Mitchell said.


“Anti-corruption bodies are now widespread across Australian states and I support a similar body at a federal level.”


Mr Mitchell said issues to be investigated include how such a body might work, and what should happen with existing agencies already tasked with similar duties.


“I believe absolutely in transparency and accountability when it comes to the public purse,” Mr Mitchell said.


“Everyone in government service should be careful with public money, whether they are MPs, department chiefs  or junior clerks, and everyone in government service must expect to be held to the highest standards.


“If we expect Centrelink recipients to account for every dollar they receive, we should expect no less from those of us who are much higher up the public pay scale.”


Mr Mitchell said Australia should “aim to have the best federal ICAC in the world, one that subjects federal public servants and MPs to the highest standards, not the lowest”.