Tasmania comes dead last in digital divide

The Australian Digital Inclusion Index released today makes for sombre reading.

The report, compiled for Telstra by Swinburne University, shows Tasmania is behind the digital eight-ball on just about every measure, and country Tasmania suffers most.

Access to fast, modern telecommunications is not just important, it is vital.

The digital divide in country Tasmania hurts business, especially tourism and hospitality, and means people have less access to increasingly common online and mobile phone services.

This report illustrates there is a clear correlation between income and access to telecommunications: the less income you earn, the wider your digital divide is likely to be.

If you live in central Sydney, you’re doing great.

If you’re a pensioner in Colebrook, you face a spinning wheel and “no service”.

To improve economic opportunities across country Tasmania, the Turnbull Government must improve access to quality internet and mobile phone coverage.

The Government should be working to narrow Tasmania’s digital divide, not widen it.

Instead, the NBN is behind time and has blown its budget, and in four years the Liberals haven’t installed one mobile tower to address black spots in Lyons.

This report shows that under the Liberals, country Tasmanians are losing the digital race.

25 August 2016 | ENDS