A strong census is critical for Lyons

In the chaotic aftermath of the Turnbull Government’s botched 2016 Census, new Labor MP Brian Mitchell is urging concerned citizens to send Malcolm Turnbull a sharp message – “don’t stuff Lyons”.


The federal Lyons MP noted the two previous Censuses had enjoyed 97 per cent and 98 per cent coverage.


“If this Census has a coverage rate below 98 per cent, that's going to have adverse impacts on every Australian community – particularly communities in Lyons that depend on proper long-term planning,” Mr Mitchell said.


“The integrity of Census data is crucial to regional planning, and the lower the coverage the less reliable the data we rely on to make key decisions.


“If the 2016 Census remains compromised by Mr Turnbull’s mismanagement, it would be devastating to the critical planning and delivery of hospitals, schools and services.


Labor is calling for an independent Senate inquiry to investigate the way in which the Government botched the Census, from communication to delivery.


”The inquiry should ask whether the resources the Coalition Government stripped from the Bureau of Statistics impacted the delivery of the Census and why the position of Chief Statistician was left unfilled for nearly a year.


“The fact is the Turnbull Government attempted to cut the Census, and then appointed three ministers in a year to ignore the Census. And now it is surprised  the Census has fallen in a heap.” 


Rather than pointing the finger at overworked public sector workers Mr Turnbull needs to take responsibility and assure Tasmanians that proper planning of services won’t suffer.”


Labor encourages all Australians to fill in the Census, either online or by phoning 1300 214 531 to order a paper copy.