Mitchell calls on Prime Minister to apologise over Robo-Debt

The Prime Minister needs to step up, take responsibility and apologise over the Robo-debt fiasco, says Federal Labor Member for Lyons, Brian Mitchell.

‘The Prime Minister was a key architect of Robo-debt and his hands are all over this illegal, criminal scam and he should absolutely apologise. People have had money literally stolen from them,’ says Mr Mitchell.

The Government’s decision to refund the debts will restore dignity to hundreds of thousands of Australians who were penalised with a debt for money they didn’t owe.

The robo-debt program, which relies on automation to identify debts and issue notices, saw more than 6,300 Tasmanians receive false debts between 2016 and late 2019.

‘It is hard to believe this was a scam sanctioned and signed off by the Prime Minister of Australia. This will go down in history as one of the most despicable, disgusting policies in Australian history and Scott Morrison’s fingers are all over it.’



2 June 2020