Mitchell condemns Derwent Valley Tree Spiking

The spiking of trees destined for sawlog harvest requires condemnation.

Today, at least nine metal bolts were discovered in logs sourced from harvesting coupes near Mt Field in the Derwent Valley.

Some of the bolts were discovered only once the logs were being cut, breaking saws and spinning fast-moving fragments into mills, exposing workers to danger.

“There is no excuse for the spiking of trees — absolutely none,” said federal Labor Member for Lyons Brian Mitchell (the Derwent Valley coupe and the affected mills in Ellendale and Bridgewater are in Mr Mitchell’s sprawling electorate).

“This spiteful, selfish and stupid activity puts workers’ lives at risk and costs local sawmillers thousands of dollars in downtime and repairs.

“It doesn’t matter how passionate you are in your beliefs. We have plenty of political processes available for people to make their views known about timber harvesting without resorting to potentially lethal activities such as tree-spiking.

“Authorities are now investigating and I hope they are able to find the culprits and prosecute them to the full extent of the law.”