Letter to the Editor: Guy Barnett travelling to regions

The photograph of Tasmanian Liberal Minister Guy Barnett in the Mercury (May 13) looked fishy to me.

Politicians have “essential worker” status, exempting us from strict travelling controls for essential work purposes, but we are still expected to exercise sound judgement to minimise risk to the public.

Like everyone else we should be minimising our movement as much as possible.

Does Mr Barnett consider it essential that he travel to a regional area simply for a self-promoting photo opportunity? Everything he said in the article could have been delivered safely down a phone line.

Tasmanian horse trainers have been denied their livelihoods because Mr Barnett”s government says their movement through regional areas poses too high an infection risk, yet he can do it simply to get his photo taken?

That’s an unacceptable double standard.

Brian Mitchell MP
Federal Member for Lyons