Call centre shutdowns show need for domestic services

Telstra has cancelled a vital directory assistance service popular with elderly Tasmanians because coronavirus restrictions have shut down the company's call centres across Asia.


“This is a massive wake-up call for Telstra and other big companies that have moved their call centre operations overseas to bring them back to Australia,” said federal Labor MP Brian Mitchell.


“My elderly constituents are calling Telstra for assistance, only to be told by an automated message that none is available and that they should head to a website and do their own searching online. This is simply not good enough.”


Mr Mitchell said Telstra and other companies that have moved call centres overseas must put customers first and bring call centre operations back to Australia.


“It’s time to put Australia’s economic and national security ahead of the interests of corporations chasing cheap overseas wages,” Mr Mitchell said.


“Telecommunications is an essential service and Australians must be able to receive support when they need it, in Australia."