Morrison Government must not play political games with council projects funding

Tasmanian federal Labor MP Brian Mitchell is demanding that a new round of local government funding be “open and above board” after it emerged Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack did not alert federal Labor MPs to the existence of funding opportunities for their electorates.

“Michael McCormack, the Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the National Party, wrote to Australian councils last month to advise them to put forward projects that are shovel-ready,” Mr Mitchell said. “Liberal and National MPs knew about the funding, but Labor MPs weren’t told.

“Labor supports getting projects up and running because they generate economic activity in our communities, but the process has to be fair.

“Given what happened with the Government’s rorting of infrastructure and sports grants before the election, it does not deserve the benefit of the doubt.

“It stinks that Mr McCormack did not alert Labor MPs to this new funding. If we are all in this together, as the Prime Minister claims we are, Labor MPs should have been told so they could assist their communities.”

Mr Mitchell says he has written to the mayors of his 13 councils across his Lyons electorate to ensure they are aware of the opportunities.

“The Liberals and Nationals lost the community’s trust over their sports and infrastructure rorts before the election. They must ensure this funding is allocated fairly and without political preference.”