Lyons dudded by McCormack and Morrison


Sporting clubs in Lyons missed out on grants for better facilities because the Morrison Government skewed funding toward city seats it was targeting to win last year’s Federal election.


The Female Facilities & Water Safety Stream was designed to provide grants to fund female change facilities at sporting clubs in rural and regional areas to encourage greater female participation in sport.


But less than 10 per cent of the $150 million fund was allocated to projects in rural and regional electorates.


Instead, the Government splashed 80 per cent of the fund building swimming pools in marginal electorates in cities.


Only four of 16 Nationals-held electorates across the country received funding, while Liberal-held, non-rural seats got nearly $110 million.

“Several sports clubs in Lyons would have benefited from better infrastructure including female facilities which would have expanded opportunities for all Tasmanians to participate in the sports they love,” says Brian Mitchell, Labor Member for Lyons.


“I know regional clubs like the Oatlands, Campania and Bothwell football clubs desperately need funds to improve accessibility and equality for players but received absolutely no support from the government through this program.”


The Morrison-McCormack Government misused public money to prioritise its own political fortunes over a fair application process.


This stinks. It fails every test of decency and accountability.


It’s also an indictment of the Nationals Leader Michael McCormack, who has been bullied by Scott Morrison and has proven completely ineffective in representing the interests of rural and regional Australia.


While this Government prioritises itself above everyone else, the people across Lyons miss out.