Tasmanian aviation workers miss out on federal support

The federal government is making a mess of support packages for aviation workers who’ve been stood down due to mainland lockdowns, says federal Labor MP for Lyons, Brian Mitchell.

He said 38 workers stood down at Hobart and Launceston airports this week would not be eligible for a new aviation industry support payment because they are employed by a labour hire company, not an airline.

“Swissport workers at the check-in desk and on the tarmac wear airline badges but that’s not good enough for Scott Morrison,” Mr Mitchell said.

“Pilots and cabin crew who are stood down are now eligible for weekly payments of $750 but cleaners and baggage handlers who are stood down receive nothing.

“This makes absolutely no sense at all. If an aviation worker is stood down because of a lockdown, it should make no difference whether they normally fly a plane, serve a meal, handle baggage, or clean a departure lounge.

“The federal government is making a complete mess of this and workers are paying the price of Scott Morrison’s incompetence.”