Mitchell slams further cuts to regional Tasmania by "greedy" banks

Regional Tasmanians are being treated as second class citizens by arrogant and greedy banks says federal Labor MP Brian Mitchell, after the Commonwealth Bank announced cuts at nine regional branches.


Customers at Deloraine, Longford and St Helens in Mr Mitchell’s Lyons electorate have been told their branches will soon close at 1pm, providing just 3.5 hours of branch service a day.


“Banks that already post multi-billion-dollar profits continue to slash services to regional customers. It’s arrogant and greedy and illustrates the contempt that big banks have for their regional customers,” Mr Mitchell said.


“It is clear that regional customers don’t matter to these greedy banks. People living in regional communities are sick to the back teeth of being an after-thought when it comes to these essential services.


“Next week the Commonwealth closes its branch in St Marys and told customers they could bank at St Helens. Now they’re being told they’ll have to make it to St Helens before 1pm.


“It’s a bloody joke but only the bank is laughing.”


Mr Mitchell urges regional bank customers to where possible switch to a bank that supports their local community.


“Banks respond to one thing and that is money. Let’s take ours away from them.”