Brighton Council Newstart push a cry for help says Brian Mitchell MP

Labor Member for Lyons, Brian Mitchell MP, congratulates Brighton Council for unanimously supporting an urgent increase to Newstart payments.

The resolution was passed at Monday night’s council meeting.

“I’ve long been an advocate for an increase to Newstart. Too many Tasmanians, including many in the City of Brighton, simply can’t afford to live at even the most basic level without requiring charity.

“Newstart provides just $279 a week which is completely unrealistic when it comes to paying rent, buying food and sending their kids to school, let alone costs to visit the doctor or for the kids to join sports teams.

“The Morrison government’s lazy response to this will be that the best form of welfare is a job, but that ignores the fact there are many more people seeking work than there are jobs available, as well as the fact job seekers can’t even afford to prepare for job interviews or afford travel to them. This is why the call to increase Newstart is also backed by the business lobby.

“The fact is this resolution by Brighton council is a desperate cry for help for its citizens, and it’s long past time the Morrison government listened and acted.”