State government must deliver on Wielangta Road promise

Federal Member for Lyons Brian Mitchell MP has called on the Liberal state government to "pull its finger out" and commit to sealing Wielangta Road near the state's east coast.


"(Infrastructure and Transport Minister) Michael Ferguson last month committed to getting this road sealed," Mr Mitchell said.


"He stood up on June 8 and said "I will have the Department assess the cost of sealing ... and begin the job"


"We don't want to hear about it being likely or something that might be addressed in the future - we want it done now.


"East coast residents need this commitment and they need to see it followed through."


Mr Mitchell said east coast Tasmanians didn’t deserve “weasel words” from the state government after what’s already been a difficult year.


"Tasmanians deserve a government that delivers on their promises,” Mr Mitchell said.


“This government gave the impression it was going to seal Wielangta Road as a priority and it must not try to squirrel out of it now.”