Mitchell welcomes Tasman Highway reopening, praises workers

Federal Member for Lyons Brian Mitchell MP has welcomed the announced re-opening of Tasman Highway at Paradise Gorge from Thursday.


“This is terrific news for the east coast after six weeks of hard economic shock and inconvenience,” Mr Mitchell said.


“That sound you can hear isn’t the Roaring Forties, it’s the collective sigh of relief up and down the entire east coast.”


Mr Mitchell expressed thanks to the road crews and excavators who worked hard to achieve the earlier than expected re-opening.


“When this started, we were told the road could be out for as long as 12 weeks or more, so to halve that is really something.”


Mr Mitchell called on motorists travelling Tasman Highway to be patient while remediation continued.


“There will be slower, controlled access for quite some time to come and I ask that everyone show some patience,” he said.


“I also put out the call to everyone in Hobart to pencil in some visits to the east coast as soon as possible, and don’t buy your petrol at home, buy it in Buckland or on the coast.


Every single dollar you can put into east coast tills over the next few weeks will be very much appreciated.


Mr Mitchell asked the State Government to keep its promise to seal Wielangta Road.


“Don’t take your foot off the pedal, don’t become complacent. Start the work now to get this road sealed as soon as possible."


“Businesses and residents simply cannot afford to be cut off from the rest of the state like that again.”