Not even Liberals like Sco-Mo's super reforms

For more than six months Labor’s been warning the Government its superannuation reforms need fixing. 

It’s now urgent that the Government listen to us before Parliament votes on this bad legislation. 

We’ve said the “stapling” reforms will leave millions of workers worse off. 

We’ve questioned why the Treasurer is giving himself the power to cancel investments superannuation funds make. 

And we’ve indicated we’ll vote for a bill the takes these measures out and concentrates only on getting a better return for workers’ money. 

It’s not just Labor saying it. 

Diverse voices from across the political spectrum are calling for the legislation to be fixed. 

Craig Kelly and Bob Katter say they’ll vote against the legislation in its current form. 

Zali Steggall is moving amendments to get rid of the directions power. 

In the senate, Rex Patrick and Stirling Griff are opposed and Pauline Hanson has voiced concerns about constant changes to the super system. 

Even Liberal senator Gerard Rennick says he is “on the fence” about voting for his Government’s own legislation.  

Australian Industry Group also calls the legislation burdensome and heavy-handed.  

Now its time for the people of Lyons to have their voice heard. 

Send Scott Morrison a message that you want more money in retirement and to keep politics out of your super investments. 

Write, call or email the Prime Minister and let them know you want the legislation changed, before it’s too late. 


TOM IGGULDEN: 0448 081 191 (JONES)