Gutwein Government must support East Coast businesses

A JobKeeper style payment needs to be urgently implemented by the Gutwein government to protect the livelihoods of east coast people impacted by the sudden closure of Tasman Highway, says Federal Member for Lyons Brian Mitchell.

“The decision to close the highway to prevent rockfall and remediate cliff face is having a severe impact on local businesses which have been unable to plan for the downturn,” Mr Mitchell said.

“The Buckland roadhouse and pub for example report a 95 per cent drop in trade in the day since the road was closed at Paradise Gorge.

“With State Roads saying the road will be closed for at least 10 weeks and possibly longer, many livelihoods could be at risk.”

Mr Mitchell said small business owners and their employees should not have to bear the burden of this closure. 

“The Gutwein government has made this decision and the Gutwein government must move swiftly to protect livelihoods,” Mr Mitchell said.

“A JobKeeper style payment would help ensure eligible businesses can survive this severe interruption to their trade and that employees retain income and a link to their affected place of work.”

MONDAY, 31 MAY 2021