Albanese: Mitchell "very strong" on tackling wage theft

Excerpt from transcript of Tasmania Talks with Mike O'Loughlin - April 8

MIKE O’LOUGHLIN: Just a couple more questions. I know we are running out of time here. Brian Mitchell, your Member for Lyons, said an Albanese Government would make tackling wage theft a top priority. How would you do that?

ANTHONY ALBANESE (FEDERAL LABOR LEADER): By criminalising it. What's extraordinary is that the Government had legislation before the Parliament about wage theft as part of its industrial relations changes. Now, many of those changes were terrible and deserved to be knocked off, like getting rid of the Better Off Overall Test. But the Government did an immature dummy spit and took their bat and ball and went home and got rid of the wage theft provisions in an act of vindictiveness that I just don't understand. I've never seen anything quite like that before, even though the entire Parliament was saying that we need to take up the issue of wage theft and we need to criminalise it. We need to make sure that it's stamped out. Too many people are being exploited. Some of them are being paid $2 an hour, not being given their superannuation, not being given their entitlements. And it needs to be stamped out. And we will take strong action to do just that. And Brian Mitchell has been very strong on it in the Federal Parliament.


April 8, 2021