"Voters can't afford another Liberal term" - The Mercury

Last month, the Morrison Government had the chance to lay out their long-term plan for a better future in the Budget. 

It was an opportunity to show what Scott Morrison’s priorities were, how he was going to improve the lives of Australians and how he would tackle areas of need. 

Instead, he delivered a cynical Budget geared towards one thing - winning an election. 

It’s all there. 

One-off payments. 

And, of course, enormous funding promises without the detail. 

We’ve seen this same bluster and bravado from Scott Morrison before. 

But Tasmanians need a pay rise not a pre-election cash splash. 

Tasmanians need delivery on major infrastructure projects like the Bass Highway, Midland Highway and Bridgewater Bridge. 

We need support for regional health and services, like Labor's plan for three urgent care centres in Hobart, Launceston and the North-West, not bogus suggestions made by Liberal Senators to “scrap GPs in the bush”. 

But most of all, we need long-term action on the cost of living. 

While inflation has risen to 4.25 per cent, real wages are going backwards 1.5 per cent this year. 

That’s five times more than the 0.25 per cent the last Budget anticipated - and it’s leaving the average Australian worker worse off by $1,355 a year.  

After all the challenges and sacrifices made during the pandemic, floods and bushfires, Australians need and deserve a stable government, one that is equipped to handle the nation’s finances. 

Laughably, and in spite of all the evidence, the Liberals still believe they are the best economic managers. 

And they are using this claim to ask Australians for another three years in charge. 

But let’s look at the facts. 

After nine long years, three Treasurers and three Prime Ministers, average economic growth is 2.3 per cent a year; lower than the 2.5 per cent of the last Labor Government. 

Average productivity growth at 1.1 per cent a year under them versus 1.4 per cent under us. 

Average wage growth, 2.1 per cent a year under them but 3.6 per cent under us. 

Average business investment, down 2.8 per cent a year compared with a 5.5 per cent increase under Labor. 

Average unemployment at 5.7 per cent under this Government versus 5.1 per cent under its Labor predecessor. 

Fact after fact speaking to this one, disappointing truth: 

This has been a wasted decade of missed opportunities. 

A decade of Liberal mismanagement and spending without meaningful steps to address health, housing, child care, fuel security, cost of living and the aged care crisis. 

An Albanese Labor Government has real policies to ease cost-of-living, strengthen Medicare, deliver cleaner and cheaper energy, a better NBN, cheaper access to child care, fee-free TAFE to tackle the skills crisis and deliver a National Anti-Corruption Commission. 

Our policies are fully costed and will deliver a better future for Tasmanians. 

Like our Regional First Home Buyer Support Scheme. This will save first home buyers in regional Tasmania up to $12,000 in mortgage insurance, allowing them to secure a home with a deposit as low as 5 per cent – with the government guaranteeing up to 15 per cent of the purchase price.  

In Lyons, we’ve announced a $15 million commitment to funding the redevelopment of the Royal Flying Doctors Tasmania at Launceston Airport, a $2.3 million contribution towards developing a sports and community precinct in Brighton, our pledge to restore Sorell Centrelink, and a variety of health announcements such as our $31m pledge to restore regional mental Telehealth services in Tasmania.  

Unlike the Morrison Liberals, Labor’s plan goes past the election date. 

We want a better future for Australia and we’ve got the policies to make that a reality. 

Now, we just need your support. 

Australians literally cannot afford another three years of Scott Morrison.