"Liberals not interested in regional Australia" - The Advocate

Last week, I penned an article in The Advocate regarding the Liberal government's pathological favouring of big cities over the regions when it comes to grant funding.

Just three projects in Lyons totalling $4 million were funded by the Liberals in the recent Building Better Regions grant round, compared to $40 million in the government-held seat of Mallee in Victoria.

Now, new analysis has revealed it's just the tip of the iceberg.

Over five rounds of the Building Better Regions fund, the Liberals have doled out more than $1 billion in partisan rorts since 2018.

More than 90 per cent has gone to Coalition held or target seats.

Remember, every single dollar adds to the national debt.

We are all paying interest just so the Liberals can shore up their vote.

Despite holding more than a third of BBRF-eligible seats, Labor-held electorates received just 14 per cent of grants.

The Liberals aren't interested in the regions - if they were, they'd be tackling chronic health, reads and education gaps.

This is a tired government running scared. Our regions deserve better.

Australia needs a party with vision, not vices.

And our nation needs a leader who understands the importance of our regions.

Labor's Anthony Albanese is that leader.

He has a plan that's for a future "Made in Australia", and made in Australia's regions.

Anthony Albanese wants Australia to build things again, and he has a plan to make it happen.

A plan to rebuild regions and power up regional communities.

For example, Labor's Australian Skills Guarantee will ensure one in 10 jobs on major federally funded infrastructure projects are given to apprentices, trainees or cadets.

Our New Energy Apprenticeships policy will see $100 million invested to support 10,000 apprenticeships over four years.

And our Rewiring the Nation project will invest $20 billion to rebuild and modernise the grid, which will in turn provide thousands of construction jobs and revitalise traditional industries such as steel and aluminium alongside new growth areas in hydrogen and battery production.

Australia can and should be a country that makes things - and Tasmania can lead the way.

This rotten Liberal government has to go and you can have the confidence that an Albanese Labor government is ready to lead.