Self-reporting saves lives

The advice from Professor Kelly, Australia's Chief Medical Officer (The Examiner, April 6) was spot on. 

If Tasmanians track their symptoms and activities it can be invaluable dats. If everyone documents their symptoms and experiences, where they go and who they see, then in the event they fall ill the Tasmanian and federal governments can use the data and the diaries to identify hot spots, deploy services and monitor disease spread. 

By providing data to the Flu Tracker website (it takes just 15 seconds) every Tasmanian can take on a front line role in the fight against coronavirus. 

It is vital Tasmanians keep up the good work of physical distancing because complacnecy has dire consequences. 

Four weeks ago there were 300 cases across all of the US. Now there are more than 500,000. That's how quickly this thing can spread. I urge all Tasmanians to get onto Flu Tracker, and to keep a diary of where they go and who they are in contact with. We are all in this together - let's look after each other.