"Three hundred dollars a small price to pay" - The Examiner

Cash incentives work and it's not just retailers, governments use them too.

When Scott Morrison was social services minister he introduced No Jab No Pay.

If your child wasn't vaccinated, you wouldn't receive a government rebate.

Oxford University research notes that cash incentives can drive vaccination rates up by 50 per cent, so it's difficult to understand the government's absolutely feral response to Labor's proposal for a $300 reward for every Australian who gets vaccinated by December 1, 2021.

Scott Morrison says it's a vote of "no confidence" in Australians while his finance minister says it's an "insult".

People I've talked to this week who laughed, saying "Insult me with $300!".

It's a shame the prime minister has chosen to oppose this sensible and practical proposal, just because Labor thought of it.

We saw a similar example of poor leadership from the PM when Labor proposed the wage subsidy early last year for workers and businesses impacted by lockdowns.

Mr Morrison dismissed it as a "dangerous idea" before re-badging it as JobKeeper, an initiative widely credited with saving the country from a deep, dark recession.

Labor wants to get vaccinations up.

There's no vote in this for us.

If the government takes up the idea it'll be done and dusted by the time of the election next year.

It is about national leadership and keeping Australians alive and healthy, not politics.

The payment has the added benefit of putting a bit of extra money in the pockets of Australians who are doing it pretty tough, especially casual workers not entitled to paid leave to attend a vaccination clinic.

And it's all going to end up in the cash registers of local supermarkets anyway.

No one's squirrelling it away.

It's going straight back into circulation, supporting jobs.

If every eligible Australian takes it up it'll cost $6 billion.

One week of lockdown costs us $2 billion, so if we avoid three weeks of future lockdown it'll have paid for itself.

And remember, the Government just signed JobKeeper cheques for $11 billion to profitable companies that didn't need it.

Why does Scott Morrison think $300 to a tradie is a waste of money but $50 million to multi-billionaire Gerry Harvey is okay?

And if that doesn't convince you, $6b is equal to 0.6 per cent of the $1 trillion debt the Liberals have racked up.

That is a very small price to pay to drive vaccinations to where they need to be to open up the country again.