Transcript - ABC Hobart - Mornings with Leon Compton


SUBJECTS: Labor’s $300 vaccine incentive proposal; vaccine rollout.

LEON COMPTON, HOST: On Mornings, Brian Mitchell has given us a call. Labor Member for Lyons. Brian Mitchell, good morning to you.

BRIAN MITCHELL, MEMBER FOR LYONS: Good morning, Leon. How are you going? 

COMPTON: I’m well, thanks for talking with us this morning. You wanted to comment on incentives for vaccines in Tasmania. Do we need incentives to be encouraged to save our own lives in the case of Covid, Brian Mitchell?

MITCHELL: Well, I think it’s a great conversation starter. So Labor is proposing the that government provide $300 to every Australian who gets vaccinated and what we hope that will do is drive up vaccinations, get vaccinations to the magic target of 80 per cent at least and that’s a good thing for the country. But importantly, Leon, it also gets people talking about vaccinations, the need to get vaccinated and it also puts money in the pockets of people, money across the tills of small businesses which of course are struggling at the moment. So it does those three things: it gets vaccinations up; supports small businesses; and supports struggling families. It’s a win-win.

COMPTON: And it wouldn’t be means tested. What about the lack of availability of vaccines, particularly for people in their teens, 20s and 30s, Brian Mitchell?

MITCHELL: That’s absolutely a legitimate question. We’ve been holding the government accountable all year, the lack of vaccines. Hopefully they’ll now start coming to strain through. The government says they’re on their way. There is some vaccine hesitancy in the country, there’s no doubt people have had some doubts about it. We need to get rid of that so that when the vaccines are here, people are getting vaccinated. It’s so important, Leon, and to open the country up, we need to get people vaccinated.

COMPTON: Brian Mitchell, interesting to hear your thoughts this morning.