RSVP to Brian's Pensioners Forum with Julian Hill MP

Brian will be hosting two Pensioners Forums on Monday April 11 in Bridgewater (South) and Ravenswood (North) alongside Labor's Protecting Pensioners Taskforce Secretary Julian Hill MP.

RSVP HERE and fill out our attendance form to secure your free place. 

Help Brian secure funding for Seymour Street Soccer Grounds!

Live in Brighton? Love sport? Help Brian Mitchell secure a Seymour Street upgrade!

Brian is campaigning for new club rooms, women’s change rooms and new pitch as part of the Brighton Council Seymour Street Master Plan.

If you agree, click HERE, fill out the form and support Brian's push for improved sports facilities in Brighton!

Stop the Cashless Welfare Card!

I’m proud to be leading the fight in Tasmania to scrap the Morrison Government’s plan to expand the cashless welfare card to all Australian pensioners.

Unfortunately, we know from the facts that the Liberals and Nationals want to expand the cashless welfare card to include all pensioners. This means that 80% of your pension will be put on a card and the government can then control where you spend your own pension.

Click HERE to stop the Liberals' cruel plan to put pensioners on the cashless welfare card.